How do I go about this?

Just give us a ring and we'll guide you from there. We like to know our clients and understand what they're looking for. Each piece of neon is a commissined work and requires the dialog between artist and commissioner. We also have a show room full of already made pieces. Come on by and take a look at what we've got available!

Will my sign be unique?

YES! Absolutely Neon specializes in custom neon. Each product is built to suit and viewed as a piece of art.

What is possible? Is this beyond my scope of possibility?

Anything is possible! Well, almost. Give us a call at 505.265.6366 and we'll figure out what we can do within the parameters of your expectation.

I only have a vague idea of what I want - what should I do now?

Come by and spit ball with us. We love brainstorming and talking about art. You can also call us at 505.265.6366

Will I need permits to hang my sign?

This depends on what size and where you plan to hang it.


Are you licensed for civic work?

Yes, yes we are! Take a look at some of our civic work.